Old Souls, Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Autism, ADHD, Human & Evolutionary
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I’ll never call myself an old soul again. Although I’m a hypersensitive being and view the world from what feels like a soul perspective, and feel as old as the planet, it continues to perpetuate stereotypes and widespread ignorance.

Where people with detectable differences are seen as not able to have abilities and people with non detectable differences are not seen as able to have difficulties.

Every time I asked for help I was shamed and disbelieved.

I can’t even take tests without asking questions because of all the variables and possibilities.

Being odd for having empathy and wanting to talk about things that matter.

Eventually hiding and blending as best as I could, until eventually I reached a point where I felt like a hollowed shell of a person.

Everyday I live in misunderstood “fight or flight” survival mode, because my body perceives our society as a threat.

Everyday I live in overstimulation and internalize meltdowns. Then I go home and shutdown.

Never understanding why daily life was such a struggle and called lazy, crazy, and ridiculed for it.

From my perspective, society is the disorder, but we still belong to it and have to fit somehow.

I know I am not alone and I am to a point of suggesting evaluators ask individuals if they were ever called an old soul. An indigo or crystal child.

I will no longer perpetuate the ridiculousness that society would rather believe we are reincarnated ancient souls from a different realm, than accept we are human beings with evolutionary traits that come with abilities and difficulties regardless of labels & diagnosis.

We aren’t all the same.

We need help and aren’t all going to fit, but to some degree have to.

I’d rather be with community and receiving understanding for my difficulties, than flying solo struggling with my none existent magical indigo crystal soul powers.

I am sure other people want that too. Especially, children that haven’t got a choice in the matter.

My friend just told me her and her son are on the spectrum and have to perpetually deal with people for understanding, accommodation, and respect, because they would rather identify them as “old souls” and “quirky introverts”.

Please, can we begin to move on and understand how damaging and unrealistic this mindset is? How out of touch with reality it is?

We are setting people up for failure, believing people who need help don’t and believing people who do is somehow wrong.

I don’t want to live in a society that believes being different and having difficulties is somehow pathological and void of abilities.

It’s not. Never was. Never has been.

It’s human.