Mass Societal Gaslighting Must End
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In our society people are judged without a label and diagnosis, this doesn’t mean what they are living doesn’t exist, what this means is ignorance.

People are seen as fine, faking, being dramatic, until a diagnosis exists or enough people can be identified and grouped together as having the same symptoms to create a diagnosis.

Once this happens, you are then given a label and all of a sudden the world is open to you, empathetic, understanding, or judging you, shunning you, shaming you for that human made identifier. Making space and accommodations, or locking people out of opportunity and inclusion. It’s ridiculous.

It doesn’t need to come to this.

It should not come to this.

People like Selma Blair went 15 years or probably more with the same condition, without help and no understanding. It’s infuriating. It’s an injustice we do this to people. People go without help and acceptance for experiencing difficulties all the time, because we simply do not know enough. We don’t allow their difficulties to exist. We force them into non existence, hiding and masking, suffering in silence, leaving medical and society far behind and lagging in understanding human functioning.

Our functioning may not be so concrete for current modern day diagnoses. We may present atypical, yet be experiencing a majority of the debilitating symptoms of current diagnoses, but not enough to allow entry. We need to be expanding our minds to see beyond the surface of what’s really going on and how we can be better and make this world better and more inclusive for all people, regardless of differences and diagnosis. We need to see the human body and functioning without boarders. No one should need a label to be heard. It makes no sense. Labels are a privilege not afforded to many or until it’s too damn late. Why does it come to this?

Each individual needs to be treated as an individual, not lumped into a defined category before they will be heard.

Needing help is needing help.

Being debilitated is being debilitated.

No one should be the judge and gatekeeper of someone else’s experiences, opportunities, and quality of life.

Yet we are and it’s completely acceptable.

Mass societal gaslighting must end.