Welcome to Victoria N. McGovern: A woman with a voice and mind of her own.

Victoria N. McGovern A Woman With A Voice and Mind of Her Own

A quick note on the future of this space

I will be utilizing more for writing and opening conversation through video:


Often people like me are content keeping their deeper and empathetic thoughts to themselves and living within, but as I have grown older, I have learned we are not meant to keep these things to ourselves. 

Especially concerning empathy. Empathy is what pushes humanity forward and evolves our hearts and minds. 

I question everything I ever believed and everything I was ever told, about how we should be in this world. 

Socially acceptable is a box I do not belong in. A box I have no desire ever placing myself in again. 

People have messaged to say they feel similarly to me on many things, maybe the world is in the condition it’s in, because we keep our minds to ourselves and are only focused on sharing our best socially acceptable selves. 

The remainder of my life in this body, I will be openly focused on normalizing being human. Living mask and filter free, beyond myself, beyond marketing, and the idolization of persona and needless wanting.

Those are the things you will receive from me. 

No business plans. 

No advertising. 

No persona. 

No look at my life and my things, “here’s how you can have a perfect life too”.

Just me. Advocating, working in my community, and working on the self within.

I am happy you are here and hope you join me on this journey of authenticity and evolution of the mind.

Victoria N. McGovern

Victoria is

A neurodivergent woman with a voice & mind of her own.
Her passions include: normalizing being human, radical progression & sugar-free conversation.