How To Achieve Dreams: Through Enjoying The Journey

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I do this throughout the year and it always amazes me, even though I am still growing in my goals, when I look back or actually stop to think, I am able to see I am already living my what I envisioned. 

Last year one of my 5 was to be a mentor, offering my knowledge. 

Although mentoring is nowhere near my day job, that hasn’t stopped me from mentoring countless people. 

If I can help make someone's life easier with that I know or learned the hard way, I am already living my dreams. 

Goals are just like planting seeds. 

They take time to grow, flourish, and come to fruition. 

They aren’t magic beans. 

Every overnight success is a trick of the mind. 

People work for years, even decades to achieve their dreams. 

Don’t get tripped up by what you think you know. 

Document where you are, where you are going, and you will be able to see you are already doing what you dream. 

In what way are you living your dreams today? 

  1. Pulling weeds

  2. Planting seeds

  3. Fertilizing dreams

  4. Reaping harvest

No matter where you are, they are all part of the process. 

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grow, dreams, grow.